Always Give Thanks For Everything. (Eph.5:20, 6:7) TLB


Jacob continues to steal from me. Switching all our clients, making them think he still works ‘for’ me, all the time working
‘against’ me. Scattering, not Gathering. My heart is broken, my tears are constant. Please tell me what to do Lord.

Sarah continues to lie about Kris and support his evil ways. She now calls us Andy & Margaret, in her eyes, we are no longer her
parents. Well, I guess, in our eyes, she is now no longer our daughter. I weep bitterly as I write this. Help me God!

Isaac has secretly stolen more than $4000 from me. I don’t know what to do. He apologized, but he’s still broke! And now, I cant’ seem to get ahead, because I have no money.

I finished my book, but it’s made me no money. It’s the best book I’ve ever read, but no one else knows, and I don’t know how to promote it.

The Social Hut crashed and burned after spending $7000 on it. A great program, but not the funds, time, or resources or expertise or knowledge to make it work and make it profitable.

We spent thousands of dollars of our own money to protect James from harm. No one cares about a little innocent 1 year old being terrorized by a monster, We must do all we can for him, in Jesus name! And pray for wisdom and boldness and the Spirit of God to help us overcome to enemey and crush them so that they can NEVER rise again and harm a small child! Thank You Jesus!

Abraham is now constantly cursing me with his mouth. Spitting on me, pushing me, saying all I do is eat sweets, sit on my butt, and that I’m a timid coward who’s afraid to confront anyone. I called ACT for him, and she was on the other line. I heard a car door close, and I ask him to look out the window to see who it was. He said it was Isaac, it wasn’t, it was FedEx. I told him not to lie again, but next time look out the window. He screamed at me and took the letter from me. I told him not to work for me anymore, that I was tired of his screaming at me. I gave him his final check.

We now live in Anatole, but, since I’ve bought the land in Kodak 4 years ago, our life has been one nightmare after another. Show me what to do, O God, where to go, how to proceed. Thank You, Jesus! Bless Us at least 7 times more than we’ve ever been blessed, starting today! In Jesus Name! AMEN!!

1. Book-Food City is no 1 Book IN THE WORLD!
2. Social Hut is the No. 1 Web Site IN THE WORLD!
3. I am 175 Pounds!
4. My Book is the NO 1 Box Office Movie IN THE World!
Thank You Jesus!
5. I AM the #1 Annuity Salesman for Allianz!, In Jesus Name.
6. My kids all bless me and want to help me! In Jesus Name!

O God, help me to CAST ALL my Cares UPON YOU! HELP ME LEARN to Sleep in the storm, knowing YOU ARE DIRECTING THE SHIP! THANK YOU JESUS! AMEN & AMEN!

I feel like my life is gone. That there’s nothing I can do to get out of debt, to bring my family back to me. To make it as it was, to love and to trust, and to be trusted, and to have loyal, loving children who respect and love their parents. Please give me renewed strenght Lord, to do the RIGHT thing, the GOD thing, the LOVE thing, the WISE thing, the KNOWING thing, in EVERY situation! Give me Your Divine KNOWING WISDOM for EVERY problem and for EVERY opportunity, so that I KNOW WHAT TO DO, BECAUSE YOU’RE SPIRIT LEADS, DIRECTS, GUIDES, AND SPEAKS TO ME THE ANSWER, EVERY TIME, IN JESUS’ NAME, AMEN, AMEN, AMEN! HALLELUJAH! THANK YOU JESUS!…LIttle Children know God’s Spirit, and where it is. That’s why James never wants to leave my side, but stay right with me in my office. I love him, and I love you Jesus, for when I love James, I am loving God!

By: Andy Anderson

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