Always a Mountain Top With Right Perspective

God gives me gifts too many too count!  But I’ll try Laughing

1.Even watching other people’s gifts from God bestowed is a gift to me.

2.My mom and dad’s organic farm flourishing in the Mojave Desert-that’s God’s hand.

3.My two daughter’s scraggly hair, brushing it out, knowing God blessed them with so much hair.

4.My husband’s heart seeking to know Jesus, however slowly, he is closer now to accepting Christ as he’s ever been!  Pure JOY!!!

5.Seeing prayers answered multiple times a day, lost things found, sick being healed, even pets kept healthy.

6.Searching God’s Word for answers and finding them, and then finding more-comfort, strength, wisdom, renewed resolve to pray and praise, so much more!

7.Hearing God’s still small voice in my mind telling me what to pray for, giving me beautiful words of encouragement and love for my husband.  

No matter the valley we’re walking through, it will turn into a mountain top with gorgeous scenery if we look from a grateful heart view.

By: Jillian Peterson

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