Advent to Lent

The UPS brown van arrived in the driveway to a barking dog.  Arriving was a package from Canada, from one Caleb Voskamp and Co.  My wreath had come!!!  I torn into it’s packaging to find a wreath of wood and two solitary figures, one Mary on journey to Bethlehem and the other, Savior dragging my sin.  Both figures are heavy laden.  Mary has the assistance of a donkey and Jesus trudges alone.  This very special wreath will be in my kitchen for me to enjoy this holiday season.

The money spent for this will help a child and what I cannot do alone, Caleb is making happen for many. 

Perspective……..the way we see…….holidays focused on Jesus………reason, the ONLY reason for the seasons: thanksfulness, nativity, new beginning.

Thank you Caleb for this exquisite gift that you chose to share with your mothers world of broken, weary travelers on the quest for joy.

By: Yvonne

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