A gift of suffering, and RELIEF

I have had an ongoing problem of sometimes getting a piece of food stuck in my esophagus when swallowing.  It is VERY uncomfortable, because since I cannot swallow ANYTHING (even saliva) I begin to get dehydrated. Also, it feels like I am choking but I can still breathe. I had one of these episodes on Sunday, and although it was very painful, and uncomfortable, The Lord allowed me to gain patience, and I was also able to spend time in prayer and meditation eith Him.  I can look back now and be gratefu for the fellowship with Himl, and also grateful that it has passed.  He is so good to me, and when these hard times come, it reminds me to appreciate how easy I have it most of the time. I am especially thankful also that I found your post on Scripture memorization.  This is definitely something I want to teach my children to do, and to find importance in.

By: Jan Jones

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