Worry and the three I’s

It was there again this morning.  The reminder that worry is wrong.  But I am wired to worry.  It is genetic, lifelong, it feels right.  But there in His love letter to me it says, “be worried for nothing.”  Oh, Ok, any intructions of how to do that and not self-destruct?   Can you hear and feel my sarcasm?

According to Max Lucado and Oswald Chambers worry is pointless and there are three reasons why.

It is irrerverant.

It is irrelevant.

It is idolatry.

Ouch, ouch, and triple ouch!  If that doesn’t make me take those worrying thoughts captive and be accountable before the Lord and just say thank you for each and every occurance in my life as part of His master plan to mold me into the image of Christ then, I should give up and just go sit under a tree somewhere because I am doomed.

Jesus never fretted because He was thankful.  Thankful slays the three “I’s” and I am all about that!  So, today (it will be a one day at a time slug fest), I will take NO THOUGHT of what I will, eat, wear, or where I will go, what I will do, who I will encounter………………God has it!  That is all I need to know.

Todays gifts

granddaughter needs gall bladder surgery and she is NINE (hard)

daughter diagnosed as hypothyroid needs meds whole life (hard)

son is unhappy in new job (hard)

one is a lonely number (very hard for this girl)

many friends sick and in need of healing (hard)

not enough of me to go around to meet needs I see (humbling)

time to write this and see the me God sees (hard and honest)

sister finding way home (happy)

watching birds build a nest (He is watching the sparrow and He watches me!)

horses reminding me of Job 39:19-25

His wonderful Word

By: Yvonne

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