Winging It

Today is my first blog post. Back in February of this year a friend sent me a copy of One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp.  Thinking it was just another ‘self’ help book I did not read it immediately. However, I soon felt the tug of the Holy Spirit drawing me towards its pages. I was captured before I had finished reading the first page. Ann’s message, her story, her openness and faithfulness to the leading of God has witnessed to me in profound ways. Ways that can only be attributed to the divine timing of my God and Saviour, Who’s timing is always perfect. 

I am not sure how this blog will develop. I just know that I felt a stirring in my spirit….. a desire to share corporately with others who have taken the “Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are”.  So…… on occasion, from the shadow of His holy wings, I will ‘wing it’ and humbly share some of my gratitude journal entries, photographs and the occasional painting.

3.    Dragonflys flitting over the lawn
7.    Moon Shadows
8.    Sunlight through a turkey’s wattles
17.  Two Bald Eagles soaring over the lawn
18.  Whisper Songs
19.  Fried eggs on toast
72.  The Word hidden in my heart
95.  Raking up a winter’s worth of dog doo doo
96.  My reflection in the eye of a downy
124. Cardinal singing in the concrete jungle
143. Buds on lilac branches
174. Turkey Toms displaying in the fields
190. Pines tipped with evening sun
220. Iridescent Starlings
288. 8 healthy baby chicks hatched
297. Burying my nose deep in yellow fluff and breathing deep
298. Broody Banty
310. Peep, peep, peep
305. Miracles for Jen on 100 Huntley Street

By: Kelly Dodge

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