Wednesday’s Gifts

This morning, I got up a little weary of this old world but, had a lovely prayer time with hubby and soon afterward remembered a rose that was probably going to bloom today – so went our and saw a rare and perfect beauty. Later, before settling down to work I decided to fill my Grandma’s vase with some flowers … and rejoiced in my reminders of the Father’s sovereign care and that we have hope of a better tomorrow.


On this Wednesday my heart and soul delight in this wonderful world of nature. God gives me the gift of flowers to calm my soul and help me remember He’s the Master Artist – the creator and designer of all that is gorgeous, pure, and beautiful.


Ah, Father God, I live here and can’t make it better for this one and that one and my heart breaks for them, for me … and then I see Your Hand, ever busy, and I am caught off guard rejoicing once again. You are sweet to me. And so, from the bottom of my heart and soul I lift up my thanks for your precious gifts. Your stedfast love is from ever-lasting to ever-lasting.

By: Robin Lynn

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