Waking from a restless slumber.

Dear Ann,

Thank you for writing. Thank you for exspressing the hard things. The words we seldom want to admit, let alone write and share.

As a homeschooling Mama of ten, life just got hard. Some where between a house fire, depression, babies every year, my hubby traveling for work, graduating children and a son bitter from our vision, I lost sight.

Completely and totally got caught up in the hours of lessons, the transcripts, the have to’s of serving neighbors, the drudgery of being used up and spent and the lonliness of an aging wife far from the comfort of her husbands arms.

I forgot my first love. I got caught up in the “Have to’s” of serving God. I no longer focused on all we have that is good. I sopke words of defeat and saddness. This vision, the beautiful vision, dreamed by a much younger couple, lost excitement and direction.

Thank you. God has used “one thoudand gifts” as a light house in the raging sea of storms in our life. Refocused, so thankful for the vision. the calling. 

I was so excited by how this book was working in my life, that I immediatly turned it into a unit study. From my tenth grader down to my babies we are dissecting this book. Thankfulness is like a virus, jumping from one person to the next. the excitement is contangious and spreading like an epidemic. Discontentment no longer has a home here.

We have begun our own “Thankfulness project”. we have declared 2014 the year of thankfulness. we, as a family, are running back to Jesus to thank him for the miracle.

There are not enough to words to praise My god for doing the work and healing this once broken hearted mama. 



By: Amy Berry

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