Unexpected Joy

63. A clean house, ready to host a group of Young Life high school students

64. Date night with Peter – steak, wine, truffles and to top it off – browsing bookstores for a new Bible (for him)

65. Finding my name in the acknowledgement section of Rachel’s new book – imagine, having never met in person!

66. Calling Dan to share that his name is in the book too

67. Peter’s excitement about piano lessons, and hearing him practice

68. Leftover chocolate truffles with breakfast, along with hot coffee

69. An ask for consulting services during a random trip to Wal-mart

70. Peter’s hand-me-down shirts

71. the curl of a new leaf on the peace lily, standing proud, and the opening thereof 

72. a good night’s rest despite a sick boy

73. A husband who cleans puke and bathes the dog when he comes in with poop on his tail

74. The smell of Lysol and cool air from open windows, and hot coffee

75. Red tulips in time for Valentine’s Day

76. Pink sky on Valentine’s morning, God’s love card for all to see 

By: Cheryl Smith

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