1. My 9 children
  2. My wonderful assembly
  3. My grandchild who lives with me
  4. My lawyer, who is working hard for me
  5. My friends John and Edna, with out whom perhaps, I would still be trapped in myself. They have helped me in my children in so many countless ways, from plowing our driveway, to giving us food, to pulling us out of snow drifts, providing vehicles, putting us up for a week when we needed help, so much advice, the list is endless.
  6. My friend Mary, who shares so many laughs and employs my son
  7. My friend Judy who excepted me where I was
  8. All my other friends, such a blessing to be part of a community
  9. The unexpected gift card, when we were short a few days before pay day.
  10. The announcement Jan 3 of my sons marriage.
  11. The beautiful sunlight filtering through the icy trees and the cottony mist hugging the trees just below their tops
  12. The almost sudden improvement in my sons epilepsy
  13. The secular social workers from various sectors helping me find help for my son
  14. My counsellor who is teaching me more about how to be the me God made
  15. My faithful vehicle
  16. The inexpensive tires
  17. My daughters boyfriend, who unfailingly keeps my van going
  18. My grandma who turns 92 today. 
  19. The safe drive to and from London yesterday to London Hosp, when my driver was unable to take us.
  20. The two freezers full of lamb and beef, enough to keep us fed and to share 🙂
  21. My sons special ed teacher
  22. My sons science teacher, who understands my son
  23. Aletha McArthur from New Growth Family Center
  24. My foot stool. Seems silly, but it is a real blessing
  25. The dish washer
  26. The cats that keep the rats and mice out. 
  27. The young man who agreed to sell small amounts of hay and straw for our sheep and goats
  28. Medicine for my son
  29. sunshine glistening on the snow drift
  30. my large picture window. 
  31. the warmth that can be felt throught the glass doors in the dining room from the sunshine
  32. my daughter got to go on the Ottawa trip with her class
  33. ODSP
  34. The beds for my son, thank you Greenwood Variety
  35. The nice young man who stopped to try to get my van unstuck at the end of my drive way.
  36. My emergency kit in the van for the tow rope
  37. For the gentleman who stopped and fixed our tire on the Conestoga Freeway during an ice storm
  38. for the generator our friends lent us during the ice storm
  39. For the use of the quich starter for our van when some one left a light on
  40. For the fellow who held the door open yesterday at the elevators at the hospital
  41. for the neurological nurse practitioner, who has given us a true diagnosis for my son
  42. for modern medicine, with out which my son would not be here with us today
  43. For John Kiepfer who runs the case program at the high school
  44. For my daughter who is a social worker, and gives tips on how to get services for my son, and deal with difficult teachers. 
  45. For school buses
  46. For my friend Bev who gave me a wonderful rfetreat
  47. for respit for my son, he had a good match this time
  48. for the laughter I hear from downstairs from my granddaughter and daughter.


By: Lori Morton

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