Ugly Beautiful

For when my own apparent nagging is made known to me, even in a way that isn’t as soft and gentle and said without all the fluffy love I’d like.  My own bitter response is humbled with awareness that my Groom was hurt by how I nagged him and argue as I might about it…something I did wasn’t well received and it’s his heart that I see.  Thank you, Jesus, for always revealing the heart…of me…of my Groom…of You.

And one more for this moment…seeing how leaving early to get back to work is walking out.  It’s speaking so loudly through the silence that I’ve had enough, and our time together isn’t important enough to stay here.  That I’m taking the easy way out by leaving now.

For God’s grace to show me my own ugly bitterness…when I leave my keys in the house, lock the door behind me, get to the car to go, and…realize I need to go back, knock on the door of my own house and get my keys after my groom lets me in.  And as ashamed as I was that I couldn’t even look at him, and as mad as I wanted to be, God didn’t leave me that way.  He gently showed me that I don’t want that moment to be our last.  And so I choose to confess, and I allow Him to humble me.

And now…I choose gratefulness for His closeness in my every movement.

By: Amy

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