Transforming Beauty

First, this book showed up in my mailbox sent by a beautiful person knowing I was going through a difficult time. What perfect timing and I am so very grateful. I cannot remember ever being so impacted by a book and in transforming the way I see the world around me than this one has. I have passed it on and it is now impacting others lives. Also for the first time ever, I choose to immediately re-read this book, this time with journal in hand.

I am an artist, an oil landscape painter. From the first moment I put brush to canvas I knew this was part of my calling. I often feel my heart burn with the beauty around me, yet had not fully understood it as you have so beautifully captured. This union with God, I knew it was in God and of God but a union in this way? Oh the truth and beauty of it all. I always start a painting on my knees I thank God every day for choosing me to help further His creation, I pray my paintings touch souls, point up, that He is glorified. Now reaching others has evolved into words as well. Fine art storytelling in word and paint. Each painting now has a story or a message alongside it. I have to correct myself as I often say “I am no writer”, there is so much about writing I do not understand. But I know this, I write from the heart and God uses my words to point up, to envoke feeling. I want people to feel a sense of peace, contentment, hope, light, and love, and so much more. Reading about your expirience with the painting broke my heart even further, you cannot imagine how much I Praise God for using that painting, that artist as a way to speak to you and change your heart. I, God willing, pray for him to use me, my art, my words to impact lives as he has with you, not only in your live but they way he uses you to impact others. I know all of our paths are different, I am not sure exactly what he will use my art for but I know deep in my soul it is large and I must trust and not limit Him. He will prepare me as I continue to live in gratitude and trust, emptying to His filling. Praise God. I long to share my art, my stories with you all.

By: Lucy Dickens

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