to slow down and savor this life

The day starts slow here. We’re on vacation.


At home.


Because we live two minutes from a great ski mountain, and really, we need a vacation. Not just a day to ski, or a weekend, or a few hours’ respite from the daily. We need to get away.

Sometimes, you need a morning in pajamas to refresh more than you need a beach in the Bahamas.




Time, though. That’s what we really need.

What I really need.


Not time away from all this life – but time to see and love and appreciate it all. Slow down time? Just for a few days? Weeks?


Could I slow down and savor this time and this place?



Could I slow to see the daily as divine?

The chores as blessing?



Why can’t we always see the miracle in the mundane?



The sleds stand ready, ready at last for this winter which has – by and large – been a snowless one.


But which this week showed up (really, this week? the one I planned out on the calendar but not by the weather? the week when snow would be most played-in and appreciated and we would have the time?)


I’ve searched hard to find the wonder and the blessing some days. But really, we’re blessed all days.



Slow down time? Oh yes, yes!


Slow it down and savor the moment and pull up a chair with a hot cup of tea and play the day away slow.



And the blessings pour down, as fast and as timely as the snow-come-at-last.

(# 1171 – 1185)


– roosters crowing at dawn, and pre-dawn

– a neighbor’s new puppy come to make friends with our all-grown-up dog…chasing in the snow and bounding together…

– sleeping in and waking to sunshine and knowing that a full week will bring this slow-savor of the day’s start

– football games, and yep – the home team is headed to the Superbowl

– ordinary time once again at Church…

– boys who so kindly loan their Momma their cellphones….

– plowed roads! (mostly…)

– the white of winter arriving on the doorstep…beauty all around

– kind friends

– heat at the turn of a knob…how often we take this for granted!

– little ones learning their faith, celebrating the gift of their First Reconciliation this weekend

– cameras to capture the blessings I count

– father/son chess matches

– knitting

By: LuAnne

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