Tiny Drops of Water…

We have suffered a hot dry summer in the Midwest. Our crops have burned up, flowers have withered and our normally lust green lawns a sea of crisp brown waste. Farmers fear having enough grain and hay to keep the cattle feed through the winter; economists predict a spike in grain prices and the rise in cost of food for consumers. 

Rain. Something we take for granted or even curse when it ruins outdoor plans.

Oh how we desperately needed the rain. And God provided.  

This morning as I went outside everything was covered in dew. Something we had not seen in a long time. Tiny droplets of water glistening in the early morning sun; like little diamonds. I walked barefoot across the grass just to feel it’s cool freshing touch to my skin.

Water. Something we take for granted, but so necessary to sustain life.

I am thankful for the gift of every tiny drop of water…

By: Tammy Thomas

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