Timely gift

One Thousand Gifts came into my life at a time just before I would need the lifeline of Eucharisteo.  Counting all things a gift but recording those that surprise me with joy is a balm.  I am in a place I never thought I’d be, despairing over a prodigal child.  This is the most difficult season ever, worse than fighting cancer, worse than graveside good byes.  I am learning to be grateful even in this, although my spoiled childish heart cries for an easy road.  But a small small part of me is wise enough to be grateful for this rejection, to feel humbled to share in the hurt that God Himself must feel when we turn from Him.  I am trying to remind myself every day that he loves her more than I do.  I want to accept His will in her life but my Mama’s Heart will beg every day for her to be delivered back into Grace!  Thank you for your wise words in this book that help me to draw closer to Him and feel the consolation of that walk.

By: Mary Beth

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