June 8th, a blessing to come.  I have tickets to hear Ann speak in Tennessee.  I have a dream…………a dream where women will come together to hear her speak, find healing for the “holes in the fabric of their lives” and then from a full and overflowing cup of grace minister to others and bring healing to them and like ripples in a pool it will flow from the throne of grace into a world of loss, pain, suffering, and disappointment.

Gifts for this day,

the money for the tickets, gas, food

date on calendar withing driving distance (4 hrs one way)

a gift to give someone else (my second ticket)

feeling Ann’s pain as I read her blog this week, I too am a mom of fallen children and children who found grace

hard gift-finding out my mother in laws Mother’s day gift did not arrive and it was the first Mother’s day she spend without her husband, and the first time she did not receive a gift from her son who went to be with the Lord nearly 5 years ago.

daughter sweet who helped me prepare for a party and friends galore who helped with the cleanup.

house ringing with laughter and fun again

missing him and moving forward with the call

something, not sure what, growing inside, idea, ministry, move?  Time will reveal this unction within.

children who search for me when they cannot find me

A beautiful day!


By: Yvonne

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