this moment

this moment, I want to remember.  The house I am in is about to be sold and I have had a love/fear/i cant live here relationship since I moved in.


I am sitting at my desk on the third floor, my office/loft.  It is a cozy room and at this moment I feel and know God is here and I feel so blessed and grateful for so many reasons.  Because I know God has given me someone to love.

My nice L. is on the floor stretched out studying (she is living with me) and my dog Emmie is on the chaise lightly snoring.   

I feel my throat tighten and tears in my eyes as I write this for I know and feel God here with me.  I know that at this moment I am exactly where I should be, and there is no other place now but here with them.

I want to remember this moment when I dont feel and dont know, that God is so good me.

I am greatful





By: susan

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