This is my gift – Scripture Release

9/6/2011 ~ Branson/MO
Scripture Release has recently quadrupled in size.
The 10 year old website contains a catalog of over 440
files covering 260 verses of scripture in 127 songs.
The music ranges from
“strum-along” tunes and
piano/vocal scores, to fully
orchestrated pieces for
traditional, blended or
contemporary church
The founder of Scripture
Release, Dave Cook, said,
“This expansion has been
a long time in coming.
Having begun with the Topical Memory System project in
2001 we now add a full archive of children’s songs, called
Heartseed, as well as holiday music and sections such as
Hymns Again, which offers a ‘fresh hearing’ to great hymns
of the faith.”
Six distinct categories are featured at the new website. Cook
added that all the files continue to be downloadable at no cost.
The Scripture Release website can be found at:
By: Dave Cook

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