The Road to Spring

1. Foggy mist, resting upon fields of corn and wheat and emerald green turf freshly resurrected ushering in Spring’s resplendence

3. Sparrows flying in tandem across Spring sky

5. Backseat laughter illuminating the comradery and spirit talk shared between siblings on long winding roads connecting counties, cities, states and hearts

17. The pure jo of the wonderment found in light filled eyes dancing with joy as they uncover mystery filled novelty

22. Handsome faced, red-headed, blue-eyed brilliance smiling love at me.

27.Goosebumps in response to the fresh Rhema gleaned from old passages, Word of God alive in my heart and sould coursing steadily through my veins and reminders of promises I’d long forgotten…we are the Easter people authorized to execute sign and wonders, and I will…

By: Juanita I. Johnson

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