The Perfect Newborn

Every expectant mother I’ve known has whispered prayers for a healthy and beautiful baby at delivery.  When life presents differently–a sick baby that screams, has pain, has disabilities we search for the name of the beast, we search self for control of our lives, we search God and reject the idea that good might come from this beginning.

Two of our four children came into the world with the rarest of disorders–never before seen in our very large extended family.  We were challenged, broken, weary, angry, until slowly, but surely God built a beauty that is indescribable. Looking back at the miracles that have followed, the lives that have been changed, the inspiration for creating joy and support for adults who have lived with many challenges and need love more than anything else in this world–we have been richly blessed by their lives with us.

This Christmas Benjamin, now 37, is still living and with us and spreading love to each person he knows. He should have never lived beyond childhood and should never have been able to bless.  God amazes!  Benjamin’s heart is impossible to resist and God’s love shines through his smile, greetings, hugs, and engagement.

Grace indeed.

By: Sharon Miller

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