The Gift of Words for Living

We are blessed to be alive at this time in history when we have access to people’s lives so intimately. I feel so incredibly blessed to have found the gift of Ann Voskamp and her writing.

As I have shared in a comment to Ann before, this is one of the most important books I have ever read. It has given me ways to name some things, it has brought me into a whole new level of intimate relationship and love with Jesus.

I share it with as many people as possible in my newsletter, Songs from the Valley – on my own blog, Life: acoustic & amplified – and with people I meet every day.

My heart is burdened with the need in our world, our relationships and our world for tenderness and vulnerability. Ann’s words break me open on a daily basis. I look forward to reading her bog, to sharing her journey, to meeting her in her victories and in her struggles. I love what God is doing in her heart and life. I pray for her and her family and for the other readers of this incredible book. I feel so fortunate to be a part of this and to found some of the answers of my own journey and personal struggle to live the life God created for me.

Through her willingness to share and be vulnerable with her heart and life she is making a huge impact on anyone who is blessed to read them with an open and tender heart. Thank you Ann and Family – you are beloved

By: Amy Lloyd

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