The Gift of Presence

Oh, my, goodness. I cried this morning through my grandson’t baptism! Such a gift…and why, because I was there. And God made it happen. I woke up this morning, my husband out of town, alone, and not wanting to go to my church, not feeling at home there anymore. So I decided to stay home and just be with God by myself. Almost exactly at 9 o’clock, I got the thought, that maybe, they might be live streaming the service at my daughter’s church, (which I love!) 18hrs and about 5 states away. By the time I found the web-site and figured it out, there was one worship song left, and then the Pastor began to talk…and as I listened I realized he was talking about baptism. And then…my daughter, son-in-law, and children walked up to the front of the church. And Iain Hudson was baptized, a new little one, given into the keeping of the Lord by his Mom and Dad. And God let me be there! You see, both sets of grandparents live so far away. The first two babies, my daughter tried really hard to work out the dates so that we could all be there, but it’s just so difficult to coordinate dates for everyone traveling, along with the church’s schedule. The church offered this date, and instead of waiting, they just decided to go ahead and have him baptized. And I didn’t know. But God did, and He knew this morning I needed to be there. Thank you, Father, and Holy Spirit, for nudging me in the right direction this morning. Thank you, for working out the details of my life! Thank you for this new baby, delivered, named Iain, gift of God, after my daughter has had 3 miscarriages. Thank you, Father, that You are Good, and you care about the details of my life!!

By: Ann-Marie

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