The Gift of my brother

My brother had a remarkable life. I wish more than anything that you would read this book so you could meet him. My family suffered a profound loss. Facing the loss and deep grief could have left shards of sadness that could not have been wished away but joy and God’s peace reign thanks to my parents. To them I owe my deepest gratitude for instilling in me their values, strength, courage and faith. I don’t think I could have made it through life without their influence. For my mom to create this book it took much time, dedication and commitment and creative input. But, she was determined to invite you to discover the spiritual elements of every nanosecond of my brother’s time here on earth. The ones that were obvious as well as the ones that were not. Through our tragedy she will show you how she was able to tap into God-the source of unending strength and inspiration.
Jonathan, I know you are soaring with the angels, free of your earthly burdens. You have given me more than you will ever know~
“Finally Free” by Nancy M.Garver on

By: Diahann

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