the gift of loss

Our family has had a long season of losses, culminating just five weeks ago with the death of my husband after a brief two-month battle with lung cancer. However, through all these many struggles, God has brought me to know Him, his presence, his peace and his love in a more intimate and powerful way. God has been dealing with the idols in my life and is teaching me daily to face eternity. His light is revealing and anhialating the shadows. He brought our oldest daughter back to Himself, restored intimacy in our marriage and gave me a peace and strength I had never experienced before. 

During my husband’s illness, therre were times when all I could do was pray tears of compassion for him, and I knew the Holy Spirit was interceding for us both. Our friends and christian family surrounded us  daily with such love that many wounds in my husband’s heart were healed. God presented him with the truth of unconditional love.

Immediately after my husband’s funeral I was introduced to your website. My heart strings were touched deeply. In response to your question,”What does Jesus get for Christmas?”, we decided to pass on the blessings we had recieved; we cooked Christmas Eve dinner for a group of 15 homeless people in a local city. My family is now reading the books you reccomended for “winter reading’; we each read one and then swap.  

Thank you for stepping out in faith and sharing your heart. I thank God for the Body of Christ. Although we are imperfect, God manifests himself through us as we walk in Him. What an honor to be a part of such a family.

By: Stephany Cameron

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