the gift of Grace

through this book I learned about the true gift of Grace…this book was given to me right after the death of my 30 yr old daughter who was pregnant with her second child…fought hard, lived strong…went against dr’s pleas to say no to chemo and radiation so she could bring her child into the world…was given only 2 weeks to live, but God gave her 2 1/2 months…just long enough to get baby Jessi here at barely 24 weeks and weighing 19 oz….yet so full of life and a fighting spirit! I had never witnessed such grace as I saw in my daughter…she sacrificed willingly…the gift of being able to be by herself the entire time…the gift of her 2/1/2 yr old son who comforted me even after his mommy was gone from this earth…I lived for his awakening as we lived with my son-in-law for over a year while baby Jessi was in NICU for 6 months…the gift of her homecoming! Joyous and exuberant! She had overcome so many obstacles….and so much like her mommy! Her personality was there and her fighting spirit and strength were so evident! All Gifts!!! But, alas, also the gift of God’s grace once again as lost her just a few weeks ago at age 3….heartbroken? beyond description…understand? have no clue…is God still good? yes, HE is…..does he love me? Yes, he does…the gift of hope…knowing  my sweet baby Jessi is with her mommy, in her arms and with her precious Saviour….What would I do without Him? Could not, would not survive…He is my gift…..He is my very life, my very breath!!! The gift of knowing one day I will hold them both in my arms again….along with my mom and my brother and of course, my precious Saviour!

By: kathy

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