the gift of fellowship

Since reading one thousand gifts, I felt led to keep track of 5 joys throughout the day that were gifts. I’ve been struck by the repetition of some–that I can be so thrilled by sunlight streaming through our front door and feel the heat caress my skin (I’ve been thankful for sunny days…most every sunny day we’ve had these last 6 months), but each of these days has been a gift to enjoy and there’s wonder to be found in that. Thank you for introducing me to enjoying life. So, this is what contentment feels like. Somedays I feel ashamed that it’s hard for a mom of 3 young boys to find 5 joys from the day and those are days that Jesus meets me w/ grace and compassion. Other days I’m brimming w/ joys and my trust and faith in God have grown. He desires us to reach out for Him and He’s quick to meet us. He is faithful and for this I’m ever grateful! Thank you Ann, for being transparent before the body of Christ in writing a book that is challenging.

By: Laney

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