The First Fifty

1. A not-much-longer-five-year-old falling asleep in the hallway, and a Daddy who not only carries him to bed, but smiles as he does.

2. Cookie dough secretly shared before dinner.

3. Watching the daughter’s crazy face-making session in the visor mirror… and hearing her brothers dissolve into a laughing mess in the back seat.

4. Conspiring about birthday teddy bears with Grammy.

5. Picturing six horses and one donkey munching on their new bale of hay out in the night.

6. Last-minute guests around the dinner table… and thank-you’s and hugs from a grateful friend

7. A new pattern of waking up with a prayer waiting to spill forth, and a heart longing to brighten this little corner of the world.

8. The snores of yellow lab resonating through the floor.

9.  Being madly, truly, passionately loved by a man who will be there for life.

10. A 12-year-old son who still makes a point to give out goodnight hugs.

11. Last summer’s zoo memories whispered back to me through bubble-gum-breath

12. Looking out to catch a glimpse of man, almost-man, and little boy filling the cab of the truck

13. The old beagle falling asleep with front half under the bed, and back half not.

14. Passion about righting the wrongs in this world – so fierce that it surprises with tears.

15. The green grass that’s underneath all of this snow.

16. A story of hope and gratitude in the midst of horrible tragedy.

17. The beauty of humbleness worn by a young woman who is near and dear to my heart.

18. Owl City Fireflies sneaking out from under her door down the hall.

19. Lessons learned about giving from the heart.

20. Honest conversations about things not easy to talk about. 

21. The freedom to leave that preposition dangling in #20.

22. Unashamed tears when Mufasa dies… even after all these years.

23. 6 candles blown out and wishes wished.

24. Friends who feel at home enough to sing birthday songs out of sync and off key.

25. Laughing til it hurts.

26. Tent on the living room floor, cousins bonding by the light of DSi and flashlight.

27. Harmonies hanging in the air.

28. Fake tattoos and real ones around the kitchen table. 

29. Deep talks about God’s love letter and the freedom it’s brought.

30. Sleeping boy surrounded by deafening noise, yet peaceful as can be.

31. Kisses exchanged for burritos in the check out line.

32. Cat kisses from the old crooked cat – nose, then cheek rubbed across my face…to the soundtrack of a wheezy purr.

33. Crooked cat giving yellow lab the same awkward affection. Canine and feline foreheads silently, sweetly joined for a moment.

34. Left-behind reminders of a friend’s future return… one still undiscovered, leaving anticipation and giggling frustration.

35. Hard-laboring love of my life… never complaining about the workload, giving his most excellent effort, yet knowing how to leave the job at the jobsite when it’s time to come home and love on the ones he works so hard to support and sustain.

36. Circle of beautiful hearts I am blessed to call my friends… passionate, fierce, tender, amazing…

37. Being raised by parents who taught me that talking to pets as if they were people is perfectly normal… 

38. Discovering hidden photo treasures on the memory card.

39. Impromptu sleepovers for two girls who are probably still dancing to Family Force Five at 1:42 in the morning…

40. Brakes and headlight fixed.

41. Real maple syrup and silly conversations about fellow diners at Cracker Barrel… making up stories about the guy eating alone… was he stood up for a date?

42. Sharing the hope that’s first been shared with me…

43. Mom/daughter heart-to-heart about what the future holds, and how to move toward what God has planned… tears, laughter, hopes, dreams, questions… 

44. Inside jokes that only the 6 who live under this roof understand.

45. The feeling of hands loosening their grip on the things of this world…

46. The simple, sweet taste of Smarties.

47. Father/son geek-out sessions.

48. Forgotten work badge that allowed for a quick trip back home and 5 minutes to laugh together.

49. A dress-wearing dog that seems to laugh its way through a dance.

50. A God who isn’t a dead statue, but is living, breathing, moving and wooing me.

By: Krista Meyer

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