the first 50

1. Knowing Jesus is the Christ. 2. New buds on my tree. 3. Sunshine through the drawn curtains. 4. His Holy word. 5. Being able to read. 6.The Gift of the Holy Ghost. 7.Knowing you are always there (Heron, my friend). 8.Mobile phones. 9. Hot buttered toast. 10.Ice cold milk. 11.Teaching God’s word. 12.The darkness. 13.Warm cuddly blankets. 14.Pyjamas. 15.Electric lights. 16.That morning chill. 17.Pink blossom. 18.Nodding daffodils. 19. The bread and the water, emblems of thy body and they blood freely given 20.Roast chicken, smells divine 21.Small hands, curling fingers 22.Ink in my pen 23.A steamy, sweet scented bathroom 24. Hot steamy water 25.Silence 26. Strangers who say good morning 27.Brown dog, with old bones and slow walk 28.The old gnarled tree in the park 29.Dew on the grass 30.Bird song, even the old crow 31.Heart felt tears 32. Someone who cares 33.Prayers 34.Someone to say goodnight too 35.Sleep 36.Blessings 37.Doctors 38.Every moment 39.Michael James 40.Grace Louise 41.Emily Kay 42.Bethany Rose – my children, without whom i would not breath 43.Navy blue night sky 44.A quarter moon, hung on a string 45.Twirling round and round like a little girl when no one can see 46.Chocolate Easter egg bought as a gift 47.Bus drivers 48.Buses 49.Sunrise 50.Email

By: bev

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