The Beginning of My Own Gratitude Journey

When I purchased One Thousand Gifts, I thought I was getting a sweet book of encouragement, but one that basically would be “singing to the choir.” When I received it and started reading, however, I found courage infused conviction, haunting beauty in every page, a fresh outlook on life, and a priceless gift in hardback. Ann Voskamp can indeed do all things through Christ, because He, through One Thousand Gifts, has begun a new work in my heart. 

I have begun keeping a Gratitude Journal, and will be posting each week’s entries every Thursday on my blog, I would love if you would join me beginning tomorrow for Thanksgiving Thursdays.

The very first gift I wrote in my Gratitude Journal? “My daughter, naked but a diaper, playing and chirping happily as I read ‘One Thousand Gifts’.”

My second entry was, “The grace to put down my hardback love and play when tiny starfish hands reach out to me!” 🙂


Thank you, Ann. You are a gifted writer and a cherished sister in Christ.

By: Jodi

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