~ the beauty of wind ~

from my special seat on the couch and surrounded by His words and my One Thousand Gifts, I hear it. I look to the right and out the dining room window I see the movement.  The flag violently moves from one side of the pole and then to the other – as I stop and look, really look, I see it.  The tiniest of snowflakes are dancing around there too.  I immediately turn and look to the left, out the big picture window to the front of the house.  I desperately look to see those same delicate flakes, nothing.  The big blue spruce is dancing around, soon it will be as high as Him.  Beauty, but no flakes…Hmmm I turn to the right again and see that same dancing whiteness.  I think about my comfort zone and how I like that place sooo much. But know that the wilderness I’m in right now, waiting, God is preparing me for so much more.   The strong violent wind awakens me this morning to Him once again.  I am thankful ~ my Eucharisteo.  

By: Patricia

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