Thanks in Waiting

For the past two weeks, I have been tired, irritable and impatient.  I have given Satan room to plant these things in my heart and convinced myself that I am entitled simply because I am a woman on the verge of giving birth.  Today, I choose to be thankful that God has blessed us with the ability to conceive, that he has entrusted us with the incredible task of raising His child, and that in the grand scheme of things, even if I go two more weeks, what a small amount of time I have left before I get to meet my daughter!  I am thankful for his Spirit, which gives me conviction to know when my attitude is wrong, and for the free will that he has given to allow me to decide to correct course.

Today I choose to be thankful in my waiting – for how much sweeter it will be when I finally get to hold her!

By: Lauren

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