Thanks.. Ann..

   I could write a book about all the blessings that have happened since doing Ann’s bible study w a gret group of women in February.. I share the lesson of counting gifts w many other women , one my own sister and I belive the transformation I have seen in her life.. this week she emailed me to ask me to pray about her selling her house. She wants eo move closer to our parents to be able to help them more, a noble cause. I had awaken that very morning at 4:30 a to pray that her house would sell. she mentioned ‘ Eucharisteo” lifting up her house and placin it in God’s will. Her husband called yestrday to say the house SOLD!! We r praising God!!  

  I am up to the 700’s on my list.. my day from morning to night is filled w thanks.. I have had some ‘HARD’ Eucharisteo, my son had a relapse in his battle w mental clarity , the first relapse in 8 years.. we prayed,I lifted it up to God and it was gone almost as quickly as it appeared!  

 Ann I am not on facebook and not able to keep in touch as easily as I had.. I had to share that along w praying for all the Boston vitums and their families and all that this carnage has affected.. I am praying for a yog 19 year old who is in the hospital and it seeems like the whole world is against, X my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.. I sometimes wonder why God allowed me a young white middle class girl to fall so deeply into sin before I was rescued.. I know now 37 years later that I can condemn NO ONE.. prayers for all Faith and Hope in God.. Thanks Ann for enriching my life w Christ beynd measure.. Love in Christ, Deborah

By: Deborah W

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