Thanks to God for the positive things that happen when the bad things just keep coming.  Over the past three weeks we have had two funerals, two weddings, an injury that resulted in 4 broken ribs.  Being stopped by the police three times in 8 hours. A flooded landry room, a fridge that stopped working.

Two Funerals- a husband and wife that have been married for 70 years, died within two weeks of each other.  They are able to stay together.

Two Weddings- such a blessing to see my daughter get married twice, once in Mexico and once here in the states.  It’s nice to see young Love.

Injury- his lung could have been more than 50% collapsed.  He is feeling better and full recovery should be with the next two months. (better than 4 months)

Police- I didn’t get any tickets!

Laundry room- needed to be mopped

Fridge- I am getting a new one!


By: Meri

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