Thankful Tuesday

I’m so thankful for your book, dearest Ann.  It has awakened a new and child-like hope that life can be abundant and full and full of Christ—and joy. 

I’m thankful for warm towels out of the dryer, the chilly 50 degree weather (a treat for South Florida), shadows of trees on the driveway, new feathery visitors at the bird feeder, not burning my omelet, giggles, pink gelled hearts on the glass doors, warm showers, finding my heart’s desire expressed in Scripture (Psalm 27),Valentine card on my nightstand, flowers and candy on the kitchen table, Valentine/Birthday/Baptism Birthday dinner, candles flickering, candle light through red glass hearts, silly Valentine poems, too much candy, family & friends to share the journey with, awaiting a new nephew, opportunity to pray for hubby, and an opportunity to live life differently. 

Give me eyes to see You all through the day, Lord!  May You be the object of my hunt, that I may not seek my own comfort or control.  May You be my overwhelming desire–for You are faithful to fill those who look to You.

By: Betty

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