Thankful List


I like the thankful attitude of many this time of year. I have always aligned myself with Thanksgiving and maybe it’s because my birthday hovers around and often falls in regular rotation on Thanksgiving Day.  Some of you may remember me relating a challenge from Jumonville Ree to make a list of things you are thankful for equal to the exact number of years you have been alive. I will soon get to add one to my list and have not decided yet what it will be. The younger one is, the more important prioritizing the list becomes. Vocabulary choice is often important; should I list the instruments I have played, bands I have performed with, choirs in which I have sung, and songs I have written or led beginning with my Twin Echo days? Or should I choose a one category word such as music? Approaching the completion of year 68 creates more options and I like more options. Just think, I once may have used an all encompassing word such as grandkids, but as the years fly by, I can use three to list Abby, AJ, & Tommy! Yes, age has its thankful list advantages. Keeping the list in my wallet makes it handy to read any time I so desire, which is often. The pick me up received is equal to a maxi-shot of gratitude-espresso! The song “Count Your Blessings” comes to mind every time I look over my list and more often than not, I sing along as I review. I like the song phrase, name them one by one! Well I will soon have 68 big ones and my body has not failed me yet which is of course one of my 68. The rest are for me to know and you to not find out. Hey, maybe your name is on my list or maybe it’s included in one of the joint ventures we have shared.  Will YOU be # 68? I throw out the challenge of creating your own list and am thankful to my friend Jumonville Ree for putting the suggestion out there and to the Holy Spirit who prompted me to accept.

Amen from Drewbaby!

p.s. Some day I am going to make an age # list of life significant individuals but right now, I like it as it is. Of course, 68 items is not nearly adequate; I wonder if Methuselah ran out of things to put on his list? Wow! I’d like to give it a try wouldn’t you? God is GOOD!


By: Drew Thomas

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