Thankful for Seizures?

I am struggling with the concept to be thankful that my son has epilepsy. It began when he was 18, the morning he was headed back to bible school after Christmas break…why? Just 23 yesterday he is still struggling with management. On Monday, Aug. 22 he experienced a grand mal in the home of a friend, while he was medicated. His comment “this is good mom, we’ve been relying on drugs and it is really the Lord we need to seek for healing”. Can I say I was deeply humbled? How right he is, our first instinct is to seek the wisdom of man but that wisdom has failed us. And so we pray, pray for wisdom, healing, sustenance, and “right brain” as he begins university. So much of life we just take for granted, that it is the way it is, but when the “normal” is stripped from life why do we automatically seek man? This latest  set back (according to the world but fully within God’s hands) is making a new determination of our family to seek Him. Is my sons life anymore fragile than yours? I like to think so because we know his affliction, but the reality is …no. Our days are the Lords and they are ours only to serve Him with. We are learning to be grateful in all things. Perhaps we could not learn gratefulness without epilepsy……

By: Karen Platner

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