Thankful again and again

As I was walking down the cold street this week I notice how crisp, beautiful clear, pure, sharp,  fresh the air was. I couldn’t stop myself from feeling eucharisteo. The air was silent and calling out to feel and breath its sharp purity; I felt happiness and gratitude.


A lady friend passed away and i felt happiness for her. She is at peace, and has no more grief, no sighing or pain. She had a full life always workingfor  and giving to the church and it made her happy. I feel eucharisteo, thank you God allowing me to know Rose. 


I feel love, joy and gratitude, I had a soldier boy. My baby son taught me numerous things which I will forever live by the rest of my life.  With all the sad, anger, and selfish souls on this earth, I see them all in a much better light. Empty and lost souls have choices like everyone else.  Always remember that as bad as you think life is treating you, whether it be that family crisis, plese remember, “Look over your shoulder. There is always someone who is much worse off than you are.” Be thankful for your blessings, your health free from cancer or terminal illness, a roof over your head, the food in your fridge. Be thankful. Life is good. Soldier baby James taught me gratitude for the greatest gift of all. Life with him for six full years.  I can never learn from a textbook what I learned from you my beaufitul baby soldier.

By: Marilyn Randall

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