Thank you God for Your many gifts!
August 3:
1. Gift @ 10:00am: Juliana’s bright four year old smile greeting me at the door.
2. Gift @ 1:00pm: Nap time begins- a quiet reprieve from the joyful noise of the day.   
3.Gift @ 10:00pm: Reading in bed.

August 4:
1. Sitting at the table by the window eating breakfast with my husband.
2. Sitting and enjoying good conversation and iced coffee with Anastasia and John.
3. Sitting on the sofa on a Saturday afternoon reading Jane Eyre.

August 5:
1. Inside: My icon corner-where my prayers arise.
2. Outside: The wild and crazy garden in the backyard.
3. Upside down: The bunch of lavendar tied up with ribbon hanging by a window in my kitchen. 

By: Lisa Tereshko

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