THANKFUL (11/24/13)


for coffee

for a warm house

for 3 people who live here sometimes

that used to be my kids

thankful for eyes that see

for ears that hear

a mouth to speak

for arms to reach

and hands to touch.

Thankful I was able to get myself out of bed today

thankful I was able to get myself dressed today

thankful for legs that carry me

and a sound mind.

Thankful that God made me,

fearfully and wonderfully

thankful that God made others too,

so I could have someone to love

and others have someone to love

so God could have someone to love.

Thankful for beauty

thankful for a mind that can comprehend beauty

thankful for frost on the cars outside the window

for breath that freezes

in the cold morning air

thankful for warmth

by a fire, under the covers, from another’s heart

thankful for pain that is the beginning of healing

thankful for sadness that opens the door for gladness

thankful for sorrow that gives birth to joy

thankful for tears that cleanse

for memories that hold the framework

for hope

that makes all things new.

Thankful for words

thankful for songs

for music that stirs my heart.

Thankful for change

for time

for eternity

for the everlasting God.

Thankful for His breath.

Thankful for His breath that gives me breath.

Thankful for a heart that keeps beating.

Thankful for a kiss

Thankful for a hand to hold

Thankful for peace

for sleep.

for a new day.



By: Kady Teeple

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