My mother’s smile & the sound of her laughter when we join together in mirth about a good joke. A good green pepper…being home for March Break with my family gathered around…knowing how much God loves me in the midst of my searching for Him…the color of love-birds, mercy (undeserved, beautiful), sisters, old farm houses, road signs with funny names, raspberries, smiles, watermelons…not knowing what my life holds, but knowing that I entrusted it to God and He is good…coming to the realization that every good thing (every thing) comes from God…I cannot judge things and say what God intends for good or evil in my life, I am not Him…learning to trust (again)…learning God is good (again)…that the phrase “unfailing love” is written over and over and over again in the Bible when it comes to who God is…being able to give this love away…it is not mine to hoard, but to share. I am only able to be somewhat good because He is all good.

By: Erica

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