A few days ago I turned 60.  Where have the years gone? Has my life made a difference?  Am I living a life of service and humility?  Do I really just have about ten years left to do WHATEVER IT IS I WAS PUT HERE TO DO?

Last night, I got part of the answer.  Friends and family surprised me with a celebration of my life.  About 50 people filled a room decorated to Southern Living perfection and the food would have impressed the most critical of chefs!  Images of my life hung everywhere.  Flowers, tea cups, crosses, and smiles filled this room just for me.  Then, these people took turns telling stories of things I have done through the years.  Laughter, tears, hugs, and these stories showing me that in small ways a life can have big impact.  The still small voice spoke to my heart and said, “Just keep doing what you are doing.  Leave the result to me.”

No matter what you are called to do………be it find a cure for cancer, rescue a child, or offer a hand of friendship in the middle of an airport to someone you will never see again it is all part of His master plan.  It all has value.  It is your “job”.   

I am thankful for

an answer to my questions

my family, who came from far and wide

my many friends, some I have had since childhood, others new

for children who make life a party every day and remind us to have enthusiasm and joy in just ripping paper

red roses, hydrangeas, magnolias, smilac,

moments of life captured in prints and pixels

tears of pure joy


“memories pressed into the corners of my mind”

music that filled my soul as the sound of laughter, conversation, stories

time to take it all in and say “thank you” to the God who loved me enough to give me all this!!!!  Amazing grace!

presence of His Spirit at a Party

new courage, strength and hope to go on into the sunset of life

By: Yvonne

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