Sunshine, Storms, and the Calming

An ocean away from my husband for the next two weeks, and his role as husband, father, and stand-in girlfriend as I haven’t found one yet since we moved to Germany last June.  There have been moments of real “raw” and I’m left wondering who I am to be identifying with despair?  After a husband’s cancer years before, a daughter’s auto-immune disease, and even now a friend who lies in a hospital after a near-fatal accident days ago – in my wealth, who am I to identify with despair?  I am the only the I know that I am – His daughter, His dearly loved.  The rest I don’t need to sort out tonight, maybe ever.  I give thanks that storms pass.

68.  SUNSHINE in a land that has been mostly gray and rainy since we moved here.

69.  Towels hanging on the line to dry.

70.  A stack of pants pulled from a tote for the brother next in line.

71.  That little brother being pleased with “hand-me-downs.”

72.  Not being able to hold back the force of the storm but having a Savior that calmed it.

73.  Kneeling at a boy’s bedside with all three sons in a new routine that washes us clean, enfolds us in peace, and prepares us to rest.

74.  Having a place to speak and become known when I feel alone, in a 17th move that is 7 months old in a foreign country.

75.  God is love.

By: Tobi

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