Summer Sounds

Never done this kind of ‘posting’ before but here goes:

Grateful for…

1. Returning again and again to the Intentional Gratitude concept and finding it deeper and more meaningful each time! Amazing that He doesn’t ‘discount’ your experience punitively–He truly remains faithful to what He has plainly laid out as a simple yet elegant pathway to His heart: Saying Thank-You!!

2. The “layering” of summer sounds as I sit on my deck in the morning and listen…cicadas, cardinals and the more distant sounds of the world moving thru the day…

3. The changing light patterns coming down thru the canopy of trees to the ground, over my deck and my ‘hide-a-way’!

4. The promise of a day full of activities that I love and enjoy. It has not always been this way–I am extremely thankful for loving what I do!!

By: Terah

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