strength for today

Strangely enough, I have come to recognize my disability, due to multiple diseases starting in my 30s, as a gift to be able to be home with my children, and now my grandchildren. I feel that God allowed this into my life to stop my hustle and bustle, to stop my finding my identity in what I could do, so I would find my identity in WHOSE I AM. I am thankful to be the daughter of the Most High God.

I am thankful for for the hugs of my youngest son, and my daughter and her daughters, for sunshine peeking through clouds, for the little and big piles of books and toys that my granddaughters leave after their visits filled with joy and the delight of new discovery, for a phone call from my college son far away in another state, hot beans over rice on a cold day, the availability of awesome medical/surgical care for my youngest son who is still my awestruck surprise by God from Russia, for my scratched up piano that has fostered a love for music in all my children and now my grandchildren, hot running water for a relaxing shower on a cold winter’s day, the kisses of pretend purple lipstick left on my mirror by my sweet granddaughter, for the marigold seedlings growing on my windowsill because “I want to grow something, Gramma” now brings the miracle of new life, for flakes of snow that bring much-needed moisture to trees, bushes, lawns and crops, for books on tape that I can listen to when I’m too tired to hold a book in my hands, for African violets, peace lilies, and orchids that bring the beauty of blooms to my home and heart in the depths of winter, for a wheelchair that provides me the ability to still GO on tough days, for the warm sun that streams in my big south windows to provide warmth on cold days, for a wonderful online school for my youngest son, for the peace and contentment I see in my daughter’s eyes, for the excitement my college son has in creating music from his soul, for extra beds that warmly welcome family and visitors, a cup of hot Earl Grey tea, computers, for many photo albums that preserve precious memories and hearts that preserve even more memories, for a cat that climbs onto my lap asking for lavish loving that reminds me I can climb onto my Father’s lap and ask Him for lavish loving, too.
By: tamra

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