Stones of Remembrance

Just like the Israelites placed stones of remembrance along their wilderness journey I am choosing to build monuments to grace each day.


Sunday lounging, left over beans, an open heart, open ears, buds of self confidence- or should it be God-confidence?, words that cut deep, gratefulness, money to buy just enough food, thankful eyes and hearts, lappas stacked head high, emails sent, comments that blush the cheeks from a husband who holds my heart, soft drinks for the whole office, baby soap, men push starting cars, scenes worth remembering, resumes reworked, Southwestern flatbread pizza, the book of Matthew read aloud, fears inability to stand next to thankgiving, being stuck in the middle, tears that ease the tension, boxes of Middle Eastern candy bars, loving arms wide open, my hope in Christ’s righteousness, hotel rooms, relaxing in a concrete box, satisfied bellies, t.v. movies to relax the brain, car problems, presidential caravans, roadside watermelons, red meat, groceries, mountain transfigurations, seeing Christ more clearly, Luke 9:28-36 leaving me transfigured, the Word alive, things coming together at the last minute, anxiety cast aside- all the Holy Spirit!, Gospel tracts laid on a table, bumpy rides home, energy to keep moving when the well runs dry, Liberian ladies dressed to kill!, breezes under a palava, spicy food, cars that start, folding clean laundry, successful training, finding a new sister in Christ, the God of dreams

By: Jessica

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