Steph in Nampa, ID: the hidden gifts

  1. Jenny who wanted several of us to read this book
  2. the rescuing from an unhealthy, abusive marriage
  3. bird flying on the way to the settlement conference
  4. beautiful whispy clouds on a bright blue sky on the way to the settlement conference
  5. songs of faith and God’s goodness and power and love and mercy on the radio on the way to the settlement conference
  6. an attorney who helped me see the big picture of giving up some things so I didn’t pay him more than I’d get by going to trial
  7. knowing that God is JUST and HE WILL REPAY
  8. the mourning the loss of dreams and benefits of marriage and companionship
  9. knowing that God works all things for good for those who love Him
  10. knowing His word, that He makes it so available and accessible to anyone and everyone
  11. wrestling to want to have a heart to bless my enemy and not curse
  12. living in the light (and the honesty that gives) to know I don’t have that heart
  13. wrestling and choosing continually to be honest and vulnerable to not continue the cyle of abuse and enlarge the wound of a hurting world
  14. the personal, emotional, mental, financial, physical and spiritual challenges of remembering what people in the world go through by PERSONALLY going through at least some of it: sleepless nights, health challenges, mental challenges, emotional challenges, lies and/or exaggerations that damage my reputation, lack of income, lack of resources, lack of assistance, lack of support, family not near, some withdrawing from me and drawing closer to my abuser, because he’s “family”
  15. intelligent special-needs and/or sensitive children to help me remember to be more gentle and sensitive
  16. a book that helps one remember to focus on whatever’s true, noble, lovely, pure and praiseworthy

By: Stephanie

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