Somewhere Between Love And Hate

How did I end up here? In a place between two enormous emotions? How can it be that there is such a place? I am here and I would count it a blessing to share with you how I got stuck between Love and Hate. 

If you would be willing to accept my invitation to take a look inside my heart of brokenness, trauma, devastation and at the same time…love, kindness, forgiveness and grace…then I would like to take you on my own personal journey. I don’t know where you are in your journey and as I start writing mine today this is where I discovered I am…Somewhere Between Love And Hate.

At this point it is still even a mystery to me what this “between” place is but, I know as we journey together we will discover what it looks like, feels like, smells like and taste like and eventually how to embrace both Love and Hate and walk together past the “between” to a healthier more fulfilling and healing life with the Lord Jesus Christ standing in our “between places.”

Let’s journey together.

Dear Lord,

Thank you for giving me the starting place. Thank you for your continual unconditional love. You are with me. Please, Lord, I invite you to journey with me as I take these steps to share…to heal and to discover. Lord, help those who read the pages of my story and journey to find healing and comfort from their “between places.” You are our Rock and our Salvation.

In Jesus Name

Hi, I’m Becka. I’m just another lonely, hurting and injured women who is out here waking up every morning trying my best to keep to make it through another day. I have wanted for so many years to tell my story. Thank you for sharing yours. I am beyond grateful to have found your blog and to soak up your words…through your testimony and the love you have towards being vulnerable to share your story. The above is the start of mine. I have a blog but have really yet to figure out how to get it public. I’m still trying. You have been a blessing and I thank the Lord above for that. Blessings to you, friend. Becka

By: Becka Bingham

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