Sometimes the life is knee deep in sewage

Sitting in church my cell phone vibrates. I see that my son has called.  Voice mail left………I will check it after service.

On the other end, is a son with voice quaking and frustration filling eyes with tears.  He has been out of town and has returned to condo only to find that it is filled with water and sewage from a “repair” done down stream.  He is the recepient of water, sewage, and now mold, mildew and a ruined abode.

He has a job that does not allow for this kind of disruption. He is in medicine and people depend on him to be present physically and mentally as they are under anesthesia for surgery. 

He asks it painful, “Mom, what am I going to do.  This is the third time this condo has flooded!”  It has been flooded three times in three years from three different causes!

The past week has been difficult for all my chicks.  I have only been able to offer counsel and moral support.  But here is an opportunity to be more…………to do something of value to him to prove God’s love.  So, we discuss what needs to be done and how to get it done.  I remind him that this is a divine disruption.  There is a purpose and a plan from a Father who loves him more than I.  I tell them (these children of mine) that only God could love them more than me and He has plans to prosper and NOT hurt them.  They roll their eyes but they know it is true.

Slowly the tension I feel through the phone begins to abate.  Trust is replaced by fear.  Hope casts out the doubt.  Peace replaces anger.

I wait in silence as he just breathes for the first time in hours.  He will get the process of clean up going with a phone call to the clean up experts, I will search for needed contractors and obtain estimates, calls will be made to insure a fair and equitable settlement of this expensive matter. 

How do I continue to mother these young adults?  I chose not to “break their plates” years ago.  As long as I have breath I will do whatever I can to make life on this spinning orb not feel so overwhelming.  I will trudge through the sewage with them.  I will continue to remind them who they must look to for help (it is not me) for their help comes from the Lord. 

You know, what made last week so overwhelming?  It made this wonderful son miss his earthly Dad anew.  Dad was a jack of all trades, knew how to handle “situations”, could fix, repair, plumb……….you name it, Dad had done it.  What can a mom do?  Just offer a shoulder, a hand, be a “go-for”, and bring a glass of tea.  For some this may seem meaningless and trite, for this son, not so much.  It was me he called when he was knee deep in the sludge of life.

Is there any better gift that God gives?  I think not!

gifts to count

cell phones to keep us close

family to share the trials of life with

an earthly Dad who taught our children what their Heavenly Father is really like……..LOVING, GIVER OF GOOD GIFTS, “A REPAIRER OF THE BREACH, A RESTORER OF STREETS WITH DWELLINGS” (ISAIAH 58)

internet for searching long distance

divine interruptions

new perspective

grace experienced

By: Yvonne

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