some grace for me…

I am reading One Thousand Gifts. I LOVE it. I love how her words fill me up & capture me. I love how close to my heart those words are & she is finding her Eucharisteo in which the root word is charis (grace) the definition in the dicitionary is : To be grateful, to feel thankful. 2. Give thanks. I have been reading it aloud while my voice wobbles and my throat hurts. I read until there is a smile in the sound of it. I was walking with the littles in the sunshine this afternoon and I found some more to add to my list of moments of grace & thankfulness.

1. What I felt when I read one of Lerado’s papers for school about Home. He wrote that it has built him up and love lives here. Inside the walls is life. I sit at the computer and I smile inside because after the hard years, it is starting to feel worth it. 2. Getting my hair done by Shawnee. It is quiet in the shop. She is peaceful while she works. She talks to me about her day. She makes me feel relaxed and beautiful when I leave. 3. The place Jubilee thinks she will runaway too,” in-case our house ever gets on fire” I love that she wouldn’t want to run away except with all of us. 4. Music in the kitchen. Singing along. The blue song book is worn and lies on the counter open. Demaris makes me dance. I am awkward and stiff and we laugh hard and fall on the floor together in a heap. 5. Phone calls from Troy. Today he calls and ask for prayer tonight because he is on his gypsy journey toward becoming a man. There is laughter in his voice and excitement for the adventure. He is driving to Dakota. I know God keeps the night watch. 6. Kalani in the morning when she can’t find her shoes. She runs around and I get crabby. When she finds them we hurry to tie them so she doesn’t miss the bus. She shouts “goodbye mom! I love you! God bless you today!” I repent then for my impatience. Eucharisteo. 7. That Joe is gone this week. He calls me and we flirt on the phone and I know he is waiting to come home. The littles all sleep in bed with me and take turns on “dad’s pillow” 8. Tears from women who share with me some pretty big burdens. I am humbled that they share with me. 9. Our messy spring yard. Muddy boots. Bicycles. Children. we know how to live at our house. 10. Freedom I have, in Jesus. Freedom I have, here in America. Freedom I have, to be me.

By: Eve

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