A Beautiful week and a beautiful day… There is nothing of me to brag about. My shots weren’t that great on the tennis court. Yeah, good rallies, lots of FUN, but going the distance, 3 sets in the heat on a sunny day one month after two heart catheterizations and one stent with angioplasty that was just JOYOUS! As I have leaned into Him through the anger, confession, disappointments and heartache. I simply cried it all out to Him, journal my way through scripture to move beyond myself. He then opened my heart and I am so deeply humbled each day with how He has opened a door to pray with one, encourage another and to know that I’m here not because I did but that He allowed… is just overwhelmingly JOYOUS. As I had shared with my granddaughter that the biggest word in the world is “so”. She quickly corrected me. “Nana, “so “is only two letters. Then I shared with her that God “SO “loved her that He gave up His one and only Son. And that God “SO” loved her. She then agreed that “SO” is the biggest word. For this reason I can only think to use these words to help describe my thanksgiving…. my response for all He has given to me…. I am SO JOYOUS….I could not tell you the score as we left the winners court with the tennis balls (we won). But I did have to tell everyone that the JOY I had was not from winning the game so much as it was that I have a faithful God who has allowed me to lean upon Him when I felt so broken and used up and I don’t’ just have a good day but I have a JOYOUS day. My heart feels good today. There is no guarantee or warranty with a stent and that is okay because I know I am good either way. God is in control and it is just SO JOYOUS!

By: Cindy Varnell

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